Monday, May 23, 2016

Social Accounts

When I first started my blog I did not anticipate the need to keep my personal social media presence separate from that of my online blogger presence.  I've found though that there are times when I want to share special pictures and memories with friends and family privately.  I love reading stories and special messages from those of you that follow me, and know that I will always enjoy conversing with each and every one of you!!  In truth I think a  private feed for family/close friends, and a public feed for my blogger friends is ideal!   It has taken me some time, but today I completed the linking for my public social accounts on the blog!  Now when you click on any of the social networking icons on the right side of the blog you will be directed to the new feeds.  There will be some overlap in content sharing until everyone has a chance to follow the new feeds, and older creative posts will be mirrored to the new feeds as soon as possible.  If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Our Little Garden

While a little off topic I just had to share!! My little one's very own starter garden!! She enjoyed helping me last year and this year they are planting and growing one at school. So we decided we would plant one just for her at home too!! We will learn about each plants needs like water, nutrients, soil, light, and air as part of her science work with the Junior Master Gardener Program "Learn, Grow, Eat and GO!" Then we are going to make fun recipes to see how they taste. She has fun and learns at the same time! That makes me as a mom very happy!

We are using a starter kit from Growums to start her garden at home because it comes with everything she needs to get started. Including fun character plant sticks!  We are using project planning sheets from the Junior Master Gardener website to track the amount of water and food each plant receives, as well as, each plants sprouting, growth, and ripening. 

The Growums kits are available from and if you would like to get more info about the "Learn, Grow Eat & Go!" program for your kids or their school go to the Junior Master Gardeners website at  

**This post is in no way financed or sponsored by Growums or The Junior Master Gardener program. The names and images are the intellectual property of their respective copyright holders. Any and all opinions expressed in this post are mine and mine alone.**