Monday, January 27, 2014

Persnickety Prints

If you like Digital Scrapbooking, Project 365, or other digital creation tools than I recommend checking out Persnickity Prints by following the attached link.  The print all the popular Scrapbooking sizes as well as cards you create for Project Life.  The Polaroid style 3" x 4" cards created by the Collect app discussed in my previous post can be printed through them too.  What I love about this company is their archival printing system and attention to detail! When you spend hours on your work you want to see the best prints possible and they deliver.

Project 365

Good morning, I made a resolution this year to start a 365 photo project. It consists of taking one photo everyday for a year.  I had tried something similar before and found that I enjoyed the unique perspective it gave me about everyday life.  It helped me slow down and just enjoy. Unfortunately I didn't have a good way to keep them organized so I didn't complete the whole year.  This year will be different! First I found a great app called Collect which keeps ever photo organized by date, tags, and month.  It even allows me to export a beautiful Polaroid style card for each day of the year complete with journaling to my photos for later printing.  They are sized 3"x4" which can be placed on traditional scrapbook layouts or fit perfectly in Project Life pocket pages.  Here is an example of what one of the cards looks like after exporting.  Enjoy!


Friday, January 24, 2014

Live in the Moment

Have you ever had one of those moments that you just wanted to scrapbook but you weren't sure how to since you had no pictures of the actual moment?  One of those special moments happened just the other day when my daughter brought me her little stuffed lamb and told me I could sleep with her in case I got lonely.  She is growing up so fast and I just wish she would stay little a little bit longer. I have to remind myself ever once in a while to just breath and take each day as it comes. In this instance she caught me off guard and I couldn't help but get a little teary. I wanted to remember exactly how she made me feel in this moment even years from now.  So when she jumped off to bed I pulled out my iPad and started looking for an app to journal, but instead I found Rhonda Designs.  This app fit the bill perfectly!  I could take a picture of me and little Lamby and using the stamps and fonts Rhonda's app provides illustrate the moment and save it as a photo in my Project 365 app. I think this app is now my favorite Scrapbooking companion. Here is what I created. I would highly recommend anyone who shares my enthusiasm for remaining in the moment give this app a look.  It's available on the App Store under Rhonda Designs.