The Designer

Hello and welcome! My name is Keisey but my friends call me Kat.  I am the author and designer behind Kat Creates.  I am truly passionate about my family and my heritage.  I want to do more than just document our lives together. I want to curate it like you would a precious artifact because it is after all the most important thing in life.  My daughter, Alexaundra, is the center of our world.  We were blessed the day we adopted this beautiful girl!  She is so vibrant and energetic greeting each new day as though it were some grand adventure.  My husband, David, spends his days supervising some of our worlds most unsavory characters.  Why? Well so we can all have a better and safer world.  He is my hero, she is my inspiration, and me well I am one lucky lady!

Here you will see me showcase the art that is family.  I want to celebrate the lives of those in my life, and share the joy they give me with you.  My hope is to one day bring you designs I have hand created just for you.  To help you curate what is precious to you. In the mean time please join me in celebrating the silly extraordinary adventure that is life!